On this day, thirty-one years ago, legendary reggae icon Peter Tosh was murdered in his house by a political puppet who claimed to be his friend in a so-called robbery.
Peter Tosh was known among friends and people in Kingston to be a generous man, giving away money he earned through music.
Meaning that background story that he was murdered because he only had 200 US dollars in his house during the robbery, had no sense.
He was killed because of the political reasons, as he always stood against the system fighting corruption with his razor-sharp lyrics.

Nevertheless, Peter made quite a career in reggae music recognized by true reggae fans who favor rebellion.
On this day his fame risen but not even close to how much he actually deserves.
As a starting point to any true reggae fan, we recommend the movie about Peter Tosh’s life “Stepping Razor: Red X“.

As a tribute, a rare recording of Peter’s “Burial” song, enjoy:

Author: Jah Tooth

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