Ken Booth shortened of Kenneth George Boothe, has released his new album as part of the Inna De Yard project.

This excellent Jamaican singer crowned his career with another album, which he states is one of his greatest achievements in his career.

The reason why the “Inna De Yard” project was labeled so, lies in the fact that they all started their musical career in their own backyard.

Additional motive and inspiration to Ken Booth are the facts that this project brought together all the old school reggae musicians (with the exception of Derajah).

All of this magic happening awakens special emotions to Ken Boothe and other members as well, which can be concluded from the music itself.

Last month, he released music video “Speak Softly My Love”, posted below:

You can order the album via this link

You can follow the entire Inna De Yard project on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Innadeyardmusic/

We will write more about Ken Booth and his rich career in one of our upcoming articles.

Author of the text: Jah Tooth

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